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Dear Go Friends,

The International Go Tournament NIŠOPEN has been postponed for November 17th to 19th, 2023, due to some unexpected circumstances.

NIŠOPEN is in EGF Calendar for 2023 ranked as EGF Grand Prix bonus C level tournament.

We hope that NIŠOPEN2023 will reach the same popularity and attendance as a few years ago.
The best European Go players, together with Serbian top players, will again fight for points in EGF Grand Prix 2023 Competition. Fore some of them NIŠOPEN should be the last chance to enter to final stage.

NIŠOPEN2023 is also a great opportunity for Go players from our neighboring countries Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, N. Macedonia (beginners, kyu and Dan levels), to participate in the nearest of EGF Grand Prix tournaments in this year.

We cordially invite you to participate in NIŠOPEN2023, play a lot of live Go and enjoy in our hospitality!

The Registration has already started!

Call for participation

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in 

The tournamnet will be held on November 17th-19th in HOTEL COMPLEX VIDIKOVAC in Niš.

Participants of all ages and strength are welcome! Please have a look at the tournament agenda.

DATE:            2023, November 17th-19th
VENUE:         HOTEL COMPLEX VIDIKOVAC, Niš, Mokranjčeva 70, Serbia,

Venue details

Public transport to the Hotel:  

Line no.9 – Connects Hotel Vidikovac with the main bus station and Niš Airport. 

Participants of all ages and strength are welcome!

Tournament Agenda

Friday , November 17th
• 10:00  Registration desk start up
• 19:00  Round Table: GO as a tool for mental development of people with special needs!
• 21:00  Welcome Party

Saturday, November 18th
• 10:00  Registration closes
   Note:  All online pre-registered participants have to confirm their registration before 10:00!
• 10:30  Opening ceremony
• 11:00  First round (1)
• 15:00  Second round (2)
• 18:00  Third round (3)
• 21:00  NišOpen2023 Festive Dinner

• Sunday, November 19th
• 10:00  Fourth round (4)
• 14:00  Fifth round (5)
• 17:00  Awarding and Closing Ceremony

SYSTEM: MacMahon 5 rounds, Japanese rules (6.5 komi)
TIME: 60 minutes + 5x30 sec (or 10/25) byoyomi

• Registrations before February 1st: 10,00 EUR
• Registrations before March 1st: 15,00 EUR
• Registrations before March 31st: 20,00 EUR

• Registrations on site: 25,00 EUR


The tournament prizes for TOP 5 players are:
• The first (1) place: 250€
• The second (2) place: 150€
• The third (3) place: 100€
• The fourth (4) place: 60€
• The fifth (5) place: 40€ 

Other tournament prizes are:
• The best kyu player: 40€
• The best women’s player: 40€
• Player with 5 wins: 40€


Niš is easily accessible:

By Airplane:
According to the valid time-table, flights to Niš airport are possible from: Vienna, Cologne/Bonn, Memmingen, Frankfurt Hahn, Dortmund, Basel, Istanbul, Ljubljana. Malta (Refer to Airport Niš flights information).

The most convenient flights to Niš during NIŠOPEN 2023 are from: Vienna, Memmingen, Malme and Malta.

By Car: 
Highways connect Niš with Belgrade (230 km), Sofia (160 km) and Skopje (200 km). 

By Bus: 
Ekspres bus lines from Belgrade to Niš are available on every hour. Most are direct. A bus trip takes 3 hours approximately. 

Niš is connected by direct bus-lines with Sofia, Skoplje, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Istanbul, Budapest, Thessaloniki, Vienna and a number of other cities in  Europe.

By Train: 


Recommended in Hotel Complex Vidikovac:


For any further assistance about the registration for the tournament, accommodation, or transportation, do not hesitate to contact us via web or e-mail

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